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Start Your Career Consulting as a Senior Consultant and Engagement Manager

There are some steps to gaining a professional career consulting. Those of you who have recently graduated from university should begin your career at a lower level, such as as an intern. Those who have more experience and higher education background can try two career consulting options here. 

Senior Consultant

First, you can try to become a senior consultant. This job is suitable for those who have experience in becoming junior consultants before. Consulting firms usually promote senior consultants from junior positions after they look at the quality of managerial skills and leadership. When you apply as a senior consultant, you will work as a leader for a group of associate consultants or junior consultants. As a senior consultant, you will help train and also develop some employees to meet the firm’s standards and also position them to gain more advanced opportunities. The senior consultant will collaborate and also discuss all things with the partner and also the executives about how to achieve the company’s goals and objectives.

Manager of Engagements in a Consulting Firm

The next step in the application process is to work as an Engagement Manager in a consulting firm. the firm usually hires and also promotes senior consultants to be engagement managers. The engagement manager will help to plan and direct the company’s project. As an engagement manager, you must ensure the project’s success. You need to communicate with your client to ensure the project is on the right path. You also have a job to keep the senior management and all partners updated about the project. When you apply as an engagement manager, you may work as a full-time or part-time worker. Although you work as an engagement manager for a short period, you never need to worry because you will get more experience and also knowledge from the consulting firm. The experience and knowledge will be essential for your future career, and you can apply for a higher position in a consulting firm.

When you like to develop your career, you should upgrade yourself and your skills. Being a consultant is about soft skills, and you should upgrade your soft skills. There are some soft skills training programs that you can take, and you can also get experience and knowledge from some training programs online. You can still work and do training programs to add to your personal knowledge and skills. If you think that you can’t elevate your career in your company now, you’d better try another consulting firm. When you have better quality knowledge and skill, your consulting firm will offer you a higher position in career consulting.

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