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5 French Process Zinc Oxide Grades Buyers Must Notice

The French process zinc oxide method helps to produce a variety of zinc oxide grades. Here, we are about to discuss the zinc oxide grades. As a result, you can pick the right zinc oxide based on your needs. At the same time, you can also learn more about the grades to ensure the quality. 

French Zinc Oxide Platinum Seal 

French zinc oxide platinum grade is considered a premium french process zinc oxide version. It is because you will get zinc oxide with up to 99.9 percent purity level. Some products even have up to 100 percent of purity level. Producers produce this premium zinc oxide to fill the demand of a variety of industries, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, latex, and many more. 

French Zinc Oxide Gold Seal 

The next premium zinc oxide you can find in the market is gold seal grade. It is also known as special french process zinc oxide grade. The zinc level in this grade is over 99 percent. It means that this product contains pure zinc. The 

manufacturers use this French process zinc oxide method for chemical or raw materials. They are about to mix with other materials to produce cosmetics, antiseptics, soaps, and even animal feed. The zinc oxide gold seal is also perfect for paints, ceramics, adhesives, and rubber.  

French Zinc Oxide White Seal 

There is also zinc oxide in the white seal version. Producers produce this zinc oxide grade to support the tires and tube industry. Manufacturers mix the other ingredients with white seal zinc oxide to prevent the product from hot temperature. 

The zinc oxide is about to seal the tires. As a result, the tires are strong enough in all terrains, including roads with hot surfaces. 

French Zinc Oxide Green Seal 

Alternatively, manufacturers also look for French zinc oxide green seals. The difference between the previous grades and with green seal grade is the purity level. The purity level of the zinc oxide green seal is only 99.6 percent. Manufacturers need this product as an accelerator material to produce paints and varnishes.  

French Zinc Oxide Red Seal 

You can also find the French zinc oxide red seal on the market. The zinc purity level of this grade is lower than the previous grades. The Zinc oxide red seal purity level is 99.5 percent. Manufacturers also use this product to create ceramics, tires, and personal care products.

Now, you know several French process zinc oxide grades. So, ensure that you check the label on the package to know the grade first to get the right product.  

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